'669' EP Listening Party

Monday night was truly an incredible moment for too many reasons to list. I’ve never been the type that’s afraid to tell you how much hard work was put into something in order to make it happen, and I’ve never been the type that’s afraid to show and express my gratitude.  


Thank you all. Truly. For everyone who was apart of the ‘669’ EP creation process, the planning/execution of listening party, or simply showing up for some tunes & drinks - I am forever indebted. Every bit of support is truly appreciated, whether you made the effort to bring out some friends or you were the one who got dragged out to an event you knew nothing about. Thank you.  


No matter how talented I think anders is and no matter how good I think the music we’re putting out is… none of this is possible without you guys. 


‘669’ drops tomorrow, May 25th at 12pm.


On behalf of anders and NST, I hope you guys all enjoy the music. 


- derek