'Love No More' Toronto Music Video Premiere with Loud Luxury (Video & Photos)

It’s always a blessing and a great moment for the team whenever we’re able to throw these events and interact with our family, friends, and fans, all who come to support. There’s nothing comparable to the feeling of bringing the city together, having good drinks and conversation, all in celebration of new milestones. Big shout outs to everyone who pulled up and had a great time, it was definitely much hotter than we expected which makes us appreciate you guys even more! 

We originally had our talks with Loud Luxury over half a year ago. Months and weeks of discussing and prepping for the song, the plan, the festivals, the music video, the everything. It was quite the journey leading to this point and it was great seeing our partnership become a friendship along the way. Big shout outs to our family Andrew, Joe, Adrian, Talal, Greg and the Armada and Sony teams. Special shout out to Lost Craft as well for supporting this event.

The single is doing amazing and its all because of our amazing fans and supporters. You guys are truly appreciated. Keep up to date with us on @nstsupply for the latest and greatest.

Cheers and check out the photos from the event and the music video below!

- Derek

Photo credits: @jxkson and @curtishuynh