'669' EP Los Angeles Listening Party Recap

There's a feeling that's hard to describe when you successfully create something that only existed in your head or your own little work space, and you manage to bring it to life and share it with those around you. That's what the debut Toronto listening session for '669' felt like back in May. 

Now multiply that feeling by ten. That's what bringing the music to LA felt like this past week. 

It was truly an incredible experience for the entire team to connect with every single one of you guys, whether you knew all the words to the EP or you were hearing it for the very first time. 

Thank you all for giving us this experience, and allowing us to share the music with you.

Much respect and gratitude for the entire team at Grey Matter for hosting us and being the perfect venue space for this event. Thank you to Remy Martin for the continued support and being the liquid foundation to all of our good nights. 

We hope to see everyone soon as we continue on this journey. 

- derek