"DIAMONDS" Toronto Music Video Premiere (Video & Photos)

We held an event to premiere "Diamonds" a few weeks back at a homie's studio.

It was Anders' first video and the official unveiling of his face. 

I'd like to think I've been fortunate to experience some really special things in my lifetime, but I cant remember the last time I felt that excited and overwhelmed. The reaction and energy from all our friends, family and fans in that room was indescribable. They cheered when they saw his face, at the cinematic shots of the Ferrari, when the NST fam was on screen! It was definitely something Im sure we'd never forget. 

Big thanks to Remy Martin and GFC (Get Fresh Company) as always for their continued support. Shouts to our Director Elliot Clancy Osberg , Brian Gregory, Gavin Sheppard and Quiet As Kept. Of course to FrancisGotHeat and S.L.M.N. Thanks to our lovely lead Emma Janelle, to Brian and Shane, our DJ Xavier Pierre, Clarance, Ace, High Jack and to Chris, Christine and Jay Wills from documenting the night for us. 

And to everyone that attended, that has been supporting our movement, from near or far, thank you so much. Thanks for making this real. And if you haven't seen the official "Diamonds" yet, do yourself a favour and check it out HERE.

NST in this b*tch!

- Will