NST x NXNE 2019


Anders takes on the NXNE Music Festival 2019 stage at one of the busiest intersections, the heart of the Toronto, Yonge & Dundas Square.

Photo credits: Jackson, Jake, Curtis

'Road to The Phoenix' Documentary Release (Video)

This was the culmination of time, creativity, and energy of so many talented individuals around us. A real team effort. All of it leading to what this event was destined to be - a true spectacle.

To everyone who has been a part of this journey, thank you. Whether you were a part of the process or simply listened from afar, came to a show, attended an event, told a friend about anders’ music, or just bopped your head to the radio without knowing who anders was…

Thank you. On behalf of all of NST.

This dream wouldn’t be real without you believing in us.

- Will & Derek

ps. new music coming soon

'Love No More' Toronto Music Video Premiere with Loud Luxury (Video & Photos)

It’s always a blessing and a great moment for the team whenever we’re able to throw these events and interact with our family, friends, and fans, all who come to support. There’s nothing comparable to the feeling of bringing the city together, having good drinks and conversation, all in celebration of new milestones. Big shout outs to everyone who pulled up and had a great time, it was definitely much hotter than we expected which makes us appreciate you guys even more! 

We originally had our talks with Loud Luxury over half a year ago. Months and weeks of discussing and prepping for the song, the plan, the festivals, the music video, the everything. It was quite the journey leading to this point and it was great seeing our partnership become a friendship along the way. Big shout outs to our family Andrew, Joe, Adrian, Talal, Greg and the Armada and Sony teams. Special shout out to Lost Craft as well for supporting this event.

The single is doing amazing and its all because of our amazing fans and supporters. You guys are truly appreciated. Keep up to date with us on @nstsupply for the latest and greatest.

Cheers and check out the photos from the event and the music video below!

- Derek

Photo credits: @jxkson and @curtishuynh

GFC x anders Debut Concert Outfit


Thank you to our family at Get Fresh Company for designing and building anders' custom Phoenix concert stage outfit. And to answer the many questions we've been asked - no, this set is not on sale. This is a 1 of 1. Sorry guys, lol. 



100% water & wind repellant Nylon Satin shell backed w/ diamond quilted liner. 


Detachable Cargo Vest:

Italian Cotton Canvas cargos linked w/ industry-grade safety webbing. Aluminum detachable harnesses and RiRi nickel hardware. 



Italian combed cotton canvas. Asymmetrical front pockets, w/ contrast cargo side pockets secured via aluminum harnesses.


anders' Live Debut @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre [05.22.18] (Video & Photos)

I've been trying to figure out how to write the opening sentence of this post for the last 20 minutes and couldn't come up with anything that would do the feelings that we had justice. 


I remember the day the tickets went on sale. And us being in complete disbelief when we sold out in 4 minutes. When we had to move to a bigger venue to accommodate the fans and sold out again! 1254 tickets was the final count. I remember the long back to back rehearsals that we ran for weeks before the show. I'm pretty sure we did way more than we needed to lol. I remember us planning the show, step by step. Backwards and forwards. The late night meetings and delirium.  


We should have been nervous heading into the final inning that was the show. But we weren't. We been ready. 


I remember the day of the show. That line up started hours before the show began. And when the fans, friends and family knew anders was about to go up, they went crazy. They cheered. They screamed. I stood back stage during most of the show and it honestly was so overwhelming. It gave me goosebumps. I was beyond proud of anders and the team for everything to make this point a reality. It was crazy hearing the crowd sing back every single word of every single song to him.


I won't get into all the little details, but just know that was a very special night for us. None of us have really had a chance to speak or really write about it since then because we've been so swamped with our just pushing forward and getting to the next project, but know we'll never forget that night. The love and support we felt was indescribable. I honestly don't own the vocabulary to express how we felt. 


Thank you to Ramos and RapSeason for guiding us through our first show. Your advice and insight was and is still invaluable to us. To our amazing band - Ben, Isaiah and Kyle, y'all took shit to the next level. To Will, Jeff and Tyler for running all the magical buttons behind the curtains. To Fresh and our GFC fam for everything especially the custom outfit they designed for anders' show. To the good people at Remy Martin and FACTOR for believing in us and supporting us. To our NST fam - Jack, Ace, Laura, Fresh, Maurice, Juice, Xavier, Jackson, Jake, H, JB, Aran, Hussein, Brandon, Curtis, Kiera, Alexis. To Scotty Scratch, T-RexXx and Dattabass for always repping and setting the mood right before the show. To Shiv, Alex, Holly and Mark of Alfredo Films and to Jonah, Martin and company at Haber Films who are documented a monumental stage in our history.

And last but not least, our fans, our friends, our family who have continually and unconditionally supported us through this last year and some. Whether you've come to our listening parties, the show, met us on road, downloaded our music, bought some merch, followed us on the gram, left a comment or even just said to a friend "yo, check out this artist, anders", thank you. This shits real because of y'all.   


Thank you for being a part of our story. Thank you for letting us be a part of yours. 


But we're just getting started. Hope y'all ready!


- Will


Photography credit: @jxkson, @jakekivanc, @curtishuynh

#TWOSday: 'Twos' Listening Party in Toronto

It hasn't even been a year since the release of 669 but it feels like forever ago. The things that Anders and the NST team have accomplished since then almost seem surreal when we look back it.
This past Monday, March 5th, we held a private listening party in collaboration with our Remy Martin family for 500-600 friends and fans at Free Space in Toronto. We didn't expect a line up like that so early, and we definitely didn't expect to close the doors so early because of capacity issues. Our sincerest apologies to anyone who couldn't get in to be with us - we truly have some incredible support from you guys. 

The energy and love in the space was so real, it was actually overwhelming.
I don't think seeing fans sing out the words can ever get old. Monday night was definitely one for the books and was definitely one of the best parties we've ever thrown.

As always, big thanks to our Remy fam for their love and continued support. Thanks to Jeff, Chris and Christina of Free Space/Creator Class for allowing us to celebrate such an important milestone in their space. To Unimerce for being such an amazing host and the entertaining interview she conducted with Anders before the Listening Party. To Xavier Pierre and JAYEMKAYEM for making sure vibes were lit all night, to our NST team who worked tirelessly to prep and run the night and making sure everything was executed flawlessly. To the producers: LUCA, FrancisGotHeat, Jordon Manswell, Bizness Boi, S.LM.N., Countach, and J.Valle we're excited for the world to hear and fall in love with this project. To Dot Da Engineer, thank you for making everyone's hardwork sound so so good. To our documenters: Jackson, Curtis, Clay, 24dripp and the photo booth team from the Mariner Agency - thank you for immortalizing our moments. To our GFC and Lost and Found family, you've played a huge part in our growth, thank you for everything. To the fans, the friends, and the fam who have supported in their own ways and their own relationships - we see you and won't forget you. Lastly, a very big shout out to Jessie Reyez and her team for coming through to support, that meant the world to us and helped solidify #TWOSday as a moment in Toronto history. Its only been a short while, but know that we're going to keep grinding and push this all the way. We owe it to all of you and for what you've done for us. 

Thank you for being on this journey with us and seeing something special in what it is we're doing.

NST in this bitch. 

- Will